Lythgoe™ Bourbon is named for Gertrude Lythgoe, nicknamed “Cleo” for her haunting, Cleopatra-like good looks.

An adventurer at heart, Lythgoe set out on her own for the Bahamas during Prohibition and built a liquor wholesale business importing the finest whiskeys from Europe to, ultimately, be bootlegged into the United States from schooners anchored off Rum Row, 12 miles east of the New Jersey coast. 

Known as the “Queen of the Bootleggers”, Cleo once mused about her trips to Rum Row, “Through the grapevine the news spread rapidly ashore that the Queen was aboard with her own cargo. Soon buyers were coming out in droves.” Bootleggers quickly got past her gender because they knew her whiskey was the best. Never stretched, watered down, faked or colored. 

Like our namesake, Lythgoe Bourbon doesn’t pay much attention to male/female stereotypes and we love to break boundaries. We are owned and run by women. Our Bourbon is sourced and blended by women. Finally, we hope to be enthusiastically enjoyed by women… and, of course, their male counterparts.

Join us as we relentlessly celebrate both the rich history of women in hiskey as well as today’s groundbreaking, female, industry innovators.