Our Team

Dina Coker

Lythgoe Bourbon CEO

Dina builds businesses. Since founding a strategic marketing and consulting firm in 2003, Dina has built businesses for some of the country’s largest brands, from French’s® mustard to Woolite®, HUE®, Dickies® and Fruit of the Loom®; some of the largest retailers, from Nordstrom to Amazon and Walmart; and Fortune 100 companies including Dow and DuPont.

Steffani Scheurich

Lythgoe Bourbon Sourcing and Master Blender

An industry insider with experience forged with category leaders Pernod Ricard and Brown-Forman, Steffani has consulted with dozens of brands throughout the Adult Spirits industry. Steffani has been working to identify and secure young Bourbons, from various Kentucky distilleries, that will eventually be blended into award-winning Lythgoe™ Bourbon.