our story

Did you know that women account for 36.5% of Bourbon sales in the United States?*

That’s right, American women are spending more than $650 million on Bourbon every year and yet, of the hundreds of brands on today’s shelves, how many do you see that are named for or specifically celebrate women?

So, at Lythgoe™ Bourbon,
we asked ourselves… what if?

What if there was a brand of Bourbon unconcerned with the way things have always been done?

What if this brand made no secret about sourcing and blending the best Bourbon distilled, aged and bottled in Kentucky?

What if this Bourbon featured a woman—not a man, not hillsides or creeks in Kentucky—as its star?

What if this brand told an appealing story to the women in this country who are spending millions and millions on Bourbon?

That‘s why
we launched Lythgoe™ Bourbon.

It’s a Bourbon that celebrates whiskey lovers who happen to be women. It’s meant to be enjoyed together, with other women who are passionate about good whiskey, with our male friends and family or, occasionally, by ourselves as we sit outside relaxing and reveling in life’s simple things, like the taste of a great Bourbon.