About Lythgoe Bourbon

Women are passionate about many things but we are not often described as passionate Bourbon drinkers. That seemed odd to us since more than 36% of every $1 spent on Bourbon in the U.S. is spent by a woman. This kind of buying power sounds like passion to us!

During a Bourbon tasting one night, a group of women (and some of our favorite men) asked ourselves why there weren’t more Bourbons featuring women. So, we decided to take up the challenge and start a Bourbon brand owned, operated, sourced and blended by women. We wanted a flavor profile that fit what we liked because we knew other women would like it too.

The world needs more women like Cleo and more women-owned businesses like Lythgoe Bourbon that respect convention but gracefully opt out.
Jill Elam
Lythgoe Bourbon is a brilliant way to celebrate Cleo Lythgoe, ballsy women, and unchain the craft and institution of Bourbon drinking from outdated perceptions.
Joellen Wall
A Bourbon created by women, influenced by a 20’s shero during Prohibition that welcomes all enthusiasts, inclusively? I’m In!
Karen Howland
Love the fact that there is now a brand of bourbon made for women, by women, and inspired by a bad-ass woman who played by her own rules. It’s about time the whiskey world pays homage to Cleo Lythgoe. Cheers Cleo!
Jane Brunelle
When I first read about Cleo Lythgoe, I was intrigued by her story. She combined her beauty, strength, and unapologetic spirit to make a name for herself in rough and tumble 1920’s. That’s the kind of woman I want to drink bourbon with.
Susan Hoelzer
While I’ve always loved a good bourbon, I’ve always felt like an outsider. The ‘boy’s bourbon clubs’ rarely acknowledge that lots of women love fine bourbon too. Lythgoe Bourbon is my kind of whiskey. Cleo’s story speaks to me, and I might just share some with the boys too.
Anne Donegan
It’s about time women were recognized for being the bourbon lovers that we are. I have been a bourbon drinker for years and have always been put off by all the stuffy, male-oriented products out there that make women feel like intruders to the boys’ club. Glad to have a brand that gets me!
Patricia Martin
I am so glad to know that a woman was a true rebel during prohibition. I’ll drink her brand any day.
Hannah Brinkman
Good bourbon is more than just taste. It’s the entire experience from how the liquor looks in the bottle to how it makes me feel when I sip it. Lythgoe makes me proud of the women who flourished in difficult times and created something beautiful from it.
Maggie Dunn
Made by women for women. Got to love that! I am happy to support women entrepreneurs, especially when they’re shining a light on a bad ass like Cleo Lythgoe.
Kathy Hytten

We don‘t play by the old rules...

Our team at Lythgoe™ Bourbon happily sources fantastic Bourbon and makes no secret about it. We are relentless about finding the best Kentucky Bourbon, then allowing our whiskey time so Mother Nature can do her work during the aging process. 

We don’t play by the old rules because we don’t care about the old ways of making or enjoying Bourbon. We will find, blend, bottle and enjoy our Bourbon, our way. 

Our Goal? To build an award-winning, highly popular Bourbon and amplify Lythgoe Bourbon as an influential female voice in American whiskey. 

We’d like to invite female Bourbon drinkers, and their male counterparts, to join us as we celebrate the rich history of women in whiskey!